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Biotechnology Careers For You

Biotechnology involves the use of living organisms in various fields like agriculture, medicine, research and development, and also in cleaning up the environment. Biotechnology is mainly divided into three branches with red biotechnology primarily dealing with medicine and its related fields, green biotechnology related to the field of agriculture, white biotechnology related to manufacturing processes and very infrequently blue biotechnology which pertains to aquatic and marine biology. Find out more information on Wikipedia.

Biotech industry has seen tremendous growth recently because of the growth in this industry that has demonstrated a steady growth rate of around 25% in the sale of its products in recent years leading to many career opportunities. There exist many careers for anyone interested in pursuing a job opportunity in this direction like research positions, management, laboratory technicians, scientists, pharmacists, biomedicine engineers, forensic analysts, etc. One can even begin to plan in earnest for a career in biotechnology even from school and college. There exist many biotechnology schools and colleges with many courses that teach the subject in depth. Most of the popular universities in North America and even around the world offer University degrees in biotechnology and its disciplines.

Below is a list and description of some of the career options in the many biomedical companies
Research and Development – Like most companies even biotechnology companies need a team of scientists and researchers who can help the company come up with new and innovative products to sell successfully in the marketplace. Most of the research work will be centered around expanding the technology and finding new uses for it. Additionally, many research positions will be available in universities and other educational institutions with an emphasis on research. Research and development positions will continue to be important in this industry and offer a long-term career option for those who are interested in pursuing it.

Production and Quality Management – Engineers and personnel with a manufacturing background are always in demand by biotechnology companies especially for jobs in various manufacturing and production processes. Also, quality management is extremely essential to ensure the quality of the products and services of the company and personnel are required in quality management as this will ensure the company's success in the long-term.

Management and Human Resources – Every company needs managers to supervise and control the workflow process as well as to ensure the workers put in their best efforts while on the job. Usually, personnel within the company will be promoted to management positions and having additional educational background in Management or related fields like training will definitely increase the chances for promotion as a manager and also within human resources departments.

Biotechnology Careers

Marketing and Sales – A marketing division is essential for the success of any company and the same rules apply for biotechnology companies too. There is always a need for a sales force as well as marketing personnel who will be able to sell the company's products and services in the marketplace. It will be the job of the sales force to deal directly with the end consumers and sell to them, while the marketing team will have the responsibility of bringing in new contracts and clients for the company.

Public Relations and Communications Team – Every company needs to market itself and its products and services in the marketplace to ensure profitability. Biotech companies too need personnel for public relations and communications who can market the company effectively. Hiring someone with a background in biotechnology will be an added advantage as they will be able to speak the technical language of the industry as well as have the ability to communicate in the marketplace.

Training – As companies grow they will need to recruit more personnel and will need to train the new recruits. For this most companies will look within themselves and promote staff with the right aptitude and experience as trainers. Having a sound background in biotechnology will be a requirement if one wishes to work as a trainer or be employed within the training department in this industry.

Legal and Regulatory Affairs – Biotechnology companies will need constant approval from the FDA as well as other related agencies to ensure the safety of their products and services. The company will need to recruit experts with experience to the laws and regulations of the land to ensure no rules are broken. Also, the company will need to protect its own interests and will need a legal staff to apply for patents, license out their technology, bring in new technology, etc. All of this will require personnel with a background in legal and regulatory affairs to work for the company.

As we can see there are many careers in the biotechnology industry as long as one is willing to pursue education in biotechnology and preferably excel in it.
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